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Religion-free winter concert.

December 5, 2009

Sorry for yet another post on school holiday programs but we’re knee deep here in preparations and I just need to rant a bit.

Why can we not just have a religion-free concert?  Why is that so difficult?  The kids could sing winter songs, songs about snow, songs about the cold.  They could wear mittens and scarves.  Or they could sing about sun and warmth for a bit of relief from the cold weather.

Parents who whine and complain and demand that their children be in a Christmas concert should GO TO CHURCH!  Seriously.  Just go to church, put your kids in Sunday school, and join the choir.  Ta da!  Instant “reason for the season” Jesus-centered holiday happiness without dragging everyone else into it.

If we  could just skip the religion, we wouldn’t have to worry about what religion any children are because no one would be asked to participate in another religion’s customs.

I still argue that Christmas is a secular holiday for many people and as such it is a part of our culture so immigrants should be encouraged to participate in the secular parts of the holiday.

Honestly, my vote is for no concert but lots of crafts and carol singing and candy cane eating for everyone!

Do you think that this shirt would be appropriate holiday concert attire?

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