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March 14, 2009

I will be able to get a hard copy of John Dies At The End by David Wong!!  Gah!!  How long will I have to wait??  Don’t know.  Word of advice for people out there on the interwebs.  Don’t start to read a book on-line without making sure that a hard copy is available at a reasonable price because inevitably, some cretin named David Wong will pull the on-line copy because of some dumb ass book deal and leave you f@*ucking hanging man!

It’s a lie!  Good luck finding a copy from Permuted Press for under $200.  And you cannot read it on-line for free!!!!!  Not any more, you BASTARDS of the interwebs!!

Comments from David’s site…

I’m compelled to read the book once a month. I don’t want to, but if I go more than 30 days without reading it from cover to cover, an earsplitting screaming comes from nowhere and everywhere and won’t stop until I pick up the book again.

I’ve lost two jobs because of this. I got kicked out of my apartment. I don’t dare throw the book away. What if the screaming starts and never stops?

Sometimes a little bit of blood leaks from the binding of my Permuted Press copy of JDATE. Is this going to be taken care of in the St. Martin’s release?

I love reading this book, but I just wish it’d quit shrieking at me every time I pick it up.

Did anyone else’s monitor start melting while they were reading the online version of the story?

And then after they stopped, was it whole again?

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