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A New Test for Driver’s Licenses

January 13, 2009

I would like to propose a mandatory test for obtaining a Driver’s License.  The province should create a database of every possible street sign.  At least every few years, everyone should have to match five signs with their meanings.  The very first time one applies for a driver’s license, the test should be longer.  Maybe 25 signs?  And I’m not just talking about first time drivers.  I’m talking about new immigrants, too.  If you can’t understand traffic signs, you should not have a license to drive.

Start with these:

PKE-20025 - < no parking symbol arrow right > NO PARKING PKE-20020 - < no parking symbol arrow left > NO PARKING

These mean “do not park between these signs.”

Yes … parents dropping off and picking up kids at school … I’m looking at you.

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